Lynnette Flowers


Lynnette Flowers has been a Trust Waikato trustee since 2011. 

Lynnette grew up in Auckland, and spent time in West Otago, Wellington and Hawkes Bay before moving to Hamilton in 2003.  Formerly a secondary school maths teacher, she has subsequently enjoyed an extensive career in governance, across diverse sectors, including sport, health and philanthropy. She is also a businesswoman, running successful businesses in Auckland and Hamilton for over 15 years.   

Lynnette currently holds seven governance positions, including with Habitat for Humanity, Community Living Trust and Pharmacy Council NZ, among others.   

She finds her contact with community groups, through her position on the Trust Waikato Board, ‘informative, rewarding and humbling’. Lynnette especially enjoys meeting people who are passionate about helping their communities and becoming informed of the many wonderful, but often little-known, things that are going on in the Waikato. She says being able to practise philanthropy in this context is both challenging and deeply rewarding. 

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