When Hamilton City Council gifted The Meteor Theatre to the One Victoria Trust in 2014, making the building safe was one of the conditions.  Now that condition is about to be fulfilled and from mid-May 2017, the theatre is solidly booked with local shows.

The Theatre at the south end of Hamilton’s Victoria Street is coming to the end of major building works to earthquake strengthen and future-proof its iconic building.

The works represent the fruition of a three-year drive by the theatre’s owner, One Victoria Trust, to raise the funds needed for the renovations.

Theatre manager Deb Nudds says,

“Supporting local talent and creativity is what the Meteor is all about. We see ourselves as being like a coral reef; we foster smaller fish until they swim off to bigger performance arenas.”

Included in the re-launch line-up are several Hamilton-written and produced plays, a local modern dance show and a community Mātāriki event.

“Now that we’re shifting from survival to sustainability, our focus is firmly on telling local stories,” says Deb.

The theatre is also committed to providing a usable and accessible space for the community – both features that have been enhanced through the recent works.

“For the first time, the theatre will have dedicated back-stage areas for performers,” says Deb. “We’ve also installed a ramp so that everyone who visits the Meteor can enter through the front door.”

Trust Waikato provided $150,000 towards the cost of the building works. 

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