Trust Waikato delivered $11.6 million dollars in the past financial year to support initiatives across the region.


Investment into communities varied with $3.1 million in grants being delivered into Hamilton City.

The trust made significant donations towards the second stage for Hamilton City Councils gardens project ($200,000), the Rauawaawa Kaumatua Trust ($300,000) and the Te Kahao Health Ltd ($100,000). 

While big donations were made some organisations received $500 which was enough to ensure an event or a service kept running.

Some of the main talking points from the annual public meeting attended by stakeholders from across the Waikato was the fiscal management of the trustees.

From the $11.6 million paid out through grants, $8.8m was approved for 636 community projects with $2.8m going to 10 significant capital projects.

A further $2.5 million was paid to the trusts, strategic partners.

Trust chairman Niwa Nuri outlined the new 10-year strategic plan focussing on achieving impact and influence at a regional level through effective philanthropy, leadership and partnership.

In recognising the need for strong leadership the strategy has a deeper focus on tackling new challenges and its five and 10-year goals towards enabling transformational change for people, communities and places where the need is greatest.

Chief executive Dennis Turton acknowledges social services is a major area the trust is focussed on.

Last year the trust considered applications totalling over $6m for supporting families and young people.

The need to support social services is increasing and Trust Waikato last year supported 264 requests approving funding of $3.5m.

"The trust is supporting with capacity building and capability through 'Community Waikato' and this model is now being replicated around the country."

This is where a number of social services are housed in one location where significant operational costs are saved because of shared services.

Major capital funding for facilities costing over a million dollars are covered off from a a separate fund.

"The trustees meet in September to make the final decisions on which projects they will be supporting," said Turton

"Over the last three years the trust has invested $8 million into facilities an example is the Cambridge Swimming  Pool although this one is not quite over the line yet", he said.

The trust is in good shape going into the future with funds valued at $371m.

Reserve capital has been set aside to safeguard funds for future generations.


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