The gallery-sized painting, Pile of Stumps, features in the Dick Frizzell exhibition ‘When Tom and Elizabeth Took the Farm’ running from 21 February – 1 June 2015 at the Waikato Museum in Hamilton.

Trust Waikato chair Niwa Nuri says, “Art and taonga are important symbols of who we are and where we have come from. We are delighted to add Frizzell’s Pile of Stumps painting to the collection. The purchase was made possible with the support of Dick Frizzell and contributions from Tompkins Wake and Aesthete Gallery. The magnificent painting of freshly sawn logs on a farm, is an image that many people across the Waikato region will relate to.”  

To help ensure that historical art and taonga of significance to the region remain here, Trust Waikato has been purchasing pieces since 1999. The noteworthy collection, now comprising more than 260 works, is valued at over $1.8million.

Housed at the Waikato Museum, the collection is properly conserved in museum conditions. The Trust has a dedicated gallery located on the ground floor of the museum which displays works from the collection all year round. A small number of works are also displayed at the Trust’s Annual Public Meeting held in different towns across the region.

Trust Waikato is a charitable trust that donates to not-for-profit community groups in the Waikato. It has an art purchasing policy that aims to preserve significant art and taonga in the region that form part of our rich culture and artistic heritage.

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