The announcement was made at Trust Waikato’s annual public meeting held at Matamata Memorial Centre on Thursday 10 September.

Trust Waikato chair Niwa Nuri says, “The Pohlen Hospital project is a wonderful example of a community facility which is strongly supported through local fundraising and volunteering. The new palliative care wing will allow local people in the end stages of their lives to stay close to their families and community.”

The donation was approved at the Trust’s recent board meeting, where trustees granted a number of sizable donations across the region, under its new Significant Capital Projects Fund launched this year.

The Trust’s capital investment fund has performed well for several years leading to a record donations budget of nearly $11.5million available for distributing in 2015. This enabled the Significant Capital Projects Fund to be established, with $2.3million committed to the fund.

Now in its 27th year, Trust Waikato is a keen supporter of projects and programmes that support children and families, strengthen communities, encourage participation and inclusion, and support volunteers. It donates to not-for-profit community groups and projects across the greater Waikato region.
The Trust’s 13 trustees are responsible for approving donations, a task they balance with growing the Trust’s capital fund of over $331million for future generations.

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