Trust Waikato has developed a new brand identity to represent our vision of building resilient and vibrant Waikato communities.

This new design symbolises a collaborative approach, through a woven pattern of communities coming together and rising to face the challenges ahead.

Importantly it symbolises Te Puna o Waikato - the spring of Waikato - portrayed in an upward, wave-like movement and includes a ‘W’ for ‘Waikato’ in the pattern.  It also has many interpretations including maunga (mountains), awa (river), waka and a fishing net.

If your organisation would like to acknowledge Trust Waikato in your communications and update any digital elements, you can access the logo and brand guidelines here

If your organisation has existing materials with the previous Trust Waikato logo, please keep them as they are. Trust Waikato would rather time and resources went towards achieving the aims of each community project.

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