The diversity of Raglan Community Radio’s programming reflects the community it serves.

Listeners tuning in on a typical week day might be treated to anything from classical music, to current affairs, to children’s story time, to community news, to reggae and funk.  

Manager Aaron Mooar sees this as one of the station’s definite strengths.

“Because there’s no commercial imperative behind the station, it frees us to do things very differently,” he says. “We get to choose a topic for debate based on what’s important to the community, rather than what will stir up ratings.”   

Other than ensuring that shows comply with broadcasting standards, the station lets DJs have relatively free reign.

“We wouldn’t be a true community radio station if we didn’t,” says Aaron. 

Raglan Community Radio is going from strength to strength following a strategic review in 2012. The review led to Aaron’s appointment as manager, a move designed to lift the administration burden from the volunteer board. 

In addition to the day-to-day running of the station, Aaron produces and hosts the popular morning show where he interviews local people, and provides updates on Raglan news. Regular slots include the neighbouring Whaingaroa Environment Centre; ‘The Tough Stuff’, a weekly segment with a counsellor; a wellness slot with a health coach and naturopath; and a fortnightly update with Raglan’s local authority councillor.  

A survey in 2014 showed the changes instigated by the 2012 review had been effective. The station was enjoying increasing listenership, at a time commercial radio audiences were declining.

In addition to engaging listeners, the station plays an important civil defence role. Due to its hilly terrain, many Raglan residents can’t get reception for other stations. In an emergency, the station will not only provide the community with a voice, it will serve as a lifeline with the outside world. 

Trust Waikato donated $10,000 to Raglan Community Radio in 2015/2016. We’re pleased to help the station stay on air.

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