Why are some applications declined?

Unfortunately, our grants budget is never big enough to meet all the funding requests we receive at each round. 

If your application is declined, we’ll let you know why. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • the application is incomplete – applicants have not supplied all the information requested on the form
  • the application is late – we don’t consider applications received after the closing date and time. Make sure you get your application in early. In general, we hold onto late applications for the following grant round
  • the grant isn’t needed – for example, where groups have significant unallocated funds in their accounts
  • the project or service is a low priority – we try to allocate grants to areas and communities where the community will derive the most benefit from them. See What We Fund for the priority areas we tend to focus on
  • the project or service is unlikely to proceed – projects and services that are unlikely to go ahead within the next 12 months will usually not be funded. We’ll encourage you to apply again, closer to the time.
  • the project or service is outside policy – we allocate our grants according to our Grants Policy. For example, we don’t tend to donate towards projects or services that we consider to be the government’s responsibility. 
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