The Trust Waikato office and gardens
The Trust Waikato office and gardens
Community Rooms / Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

Like any shared space, there are a few conditions in place to ensure groups using our facilities have a smooth, safe and enjoyable experience.

Timing of Bookings:

Trust Waikato building is open between 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday. If you are booking within these time frames, please ensure you do not arrive before 8.30am and you vacate the building by 5pm at the latest. For bookings after-hours you will need to have had a ‘security induction’ and have an access fob/card that will be set up to give you access to the building during your booking times. After-hours access cards/fobs will be issued to approved users only and are not to be passed on to others without prior permission. Please ensure you book enough time to include set-up and clean-up of your meetings pace. We also ask that you stick to the start and finish times you have booked. If you need to change your booking, please arrange this ahead of time.

Responsibility for Room Bookings and Room Capacity:

All meeting organisers and those registered in our online booking system must have undergone a ‘Healthy and Safety Induction’ prior to using the community space. This person must also be on site throughout the duration of your event and is the person responsible for your meeting participants. You will be asked to undergo an induction refresher annually. Please ensure you book the appropriate room for your meeting and the number of attendees you are expecting. Guidelines for capacities are on our website. This is not only for comfort and practicality, but also for the Health and Safety of everyone in the building. If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss.

Rules of use for Community Rooms:

  • Trust Waikato operates a no alcohol and no smoking policy for use of the Community Rooms. Please ask any smokers/vapers in your group to smoke/vape off-site.
  • Trust Waikato rooms are not to be used for any commercial/business or sales-based events.
  • Please ensure your occupancy numbers do not exceed recommended booking limits as per our website.
  • The registered booking holder would have undergone a Health and Safety induction as part of the registration process and must be always present (unless other arrangements have been made with us prior).
  • Please ensure materials and any catering brought in for your event are removed afterwards and the areas you have used are clean and tidy for the next group to enjoy.
  • Please ensure your groups correct usage of the rubbish and recycling station. Direct attendees to follow the signage if they are unsure and check everything is in order before you exit the building.
  • Only those attending your event should be given access to Trust Waikato facilities.
  • You are welcome to use the ground floor kitchen and equipment. We will provide the basics in tea, coffee and sugar. Please leave the kitchen clean, with the dishwasher loaded and switched on before you leave.
  • You are welcome to re -arrange tables and chairs to suit your event, however we do ask they be returned back to the default setting you should find them in.
  • Please wipe all tables and used surfaces down at the completion of your meeting for hygiene purposes.

General Conditions of Use

  • It is important you ensure the health and safety of all persons attending your event by being familiar with Trust Waikato’s health and safety guidelines that are included in your induction. Please reiterate these to your attendees (emergency exits/first aid/parking/general housekeeping).
  • In the event of an emergency during normal office hours, please follow the instructions of Trust Waikato staff.
  • Any new hazards or breakages should be reported to the Trust’s Business Services Coordinator at (07) 838 2660 or by email to
  • Please remember this is a working environment and keep noise to an acceptable level.
  • Our aim is for as many groups as possible to have access to our facilities. Please discuss any repeat booking requirements with us before making these.
  • Limited parking is available and will be provided to you in your booking details. Please adhere to our visitor parking guidelines.