Teenage boys hugging and fist bumping following a BMX race
Teenage boys hugging and fist bumping following a BMX race
Grants and Funding / Acknowledging Support

Acknowledging Support

Ways you could recognise a grant from Trust Waikato include:

Images and videos
  • We love being able to spread the word about your projects and the amazing work you are doing! Please send any photos or footage and a summary of your project to our Communications Manager. Trust Waikato may then share these on our website or social media channels.
Online and social media
  • Tag us on our social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or include our logo on your website.
Promotional Material and Publications
  • Include our logo or details in any of your promotional materials such as newsletters, programmes, annual reports, or press/media releases.
  • Invite staff or trustees and verbally acknowledge support in any presentations or speeches. Please email invitations to info@trustwaikato.co.nz.
Flags and banners
  • We have teardrop flags and pull up banners available for use at events. Please contact our Communications Manager to arrange pickup if you would like to use these at your next event.


Woman standing at lecturn on stage speaking to audience
Image courtesy of The Good Day Matrix

Please don’t…

We would prefer that your time and resources go towards your project. Please avoid giving us any gifts, awards or framed pictures.

Have any questions?

Our team are available to answer any questions you have.