Investing for a sustainable future with Nuveen

July 3, 2024

2 min read

Trust Waikato has recently formed a relationship with Nuveen, a global investment manager with a strategic focus on climate solutions and social inclusion. On 25 June we had the privilege of hosting Rekha Unnithan, CFA, Managing Director, Global Head of Private Equity Impact.

Rekha spoke about investing for a sustainable future, sharing her personal experiences and journey into using investment as a way to create social impact. We discussed how investing in the provision of basic services can expand access, affordability and resiliency where the need is the greatest.

Thank you Rekha for sharing your knowledge with us, and to all those who joined us to learn how we can invest in climate, social inclusion and diversity to create more just and inclusive communities.

Trust Waikato Chairperson, Chief Executive and Finance and Investment Manager with Nuveen's Managing Director, Global Head of Private Equity Impact and Managing Director, Head of Australasia and South East Asia Business Development.

From left: Maggie Whelan, Vicky McLennan, Dennis Turton, Rekha Unnithan and Andrew Kleinig.

The Nuveen Private Equity Impact team is committed to addressing the defining global challenges of our era—climate change and inequality. The manager aims to invest in businesses that not only drive an inclusive transition to a low-carbon economy but also cater to the needs of vulnerable, low-income consumers. For a deeper insight into Nuveen’s perspective on Climate Inclusion, consider exploring the recent report authored by Rekha Unnithan.