Anga Whakamuri, Anga Whakamua

We invest and tautoko projects that support access, engagement, or participation in community‐led initiatives and other development activities that enhance community aspirations.

Our grant‐making framework ensures that our funding is accessible to a diverse range of communities and organisations. We balance everyday transactional granting with targeted funding that seeks transformational change.

We are committed to a strengths‐based approach in supporting the aspirations of iwi and hapuu, and our diverse communities through the lens of our Te Tiriti o Waitangi commitment. We value our community partnerships and collaborations and recognise their potential to deliver transformational change for the people, families, communities, and places where need is greatest.

Understanding the impact of our giving is fundamental to our role. We foster an environment of learning to help us understand how we respond to our communities’ needs and aspirations, the outcomes achieved, and whether our grants strategies are contributing to a thriving Waikato hapori.

Find out more about Trust Waikato’s rich history

Our journey begins well before the creation of Trust Waikato in 1988, and even before the establishment of the community saving banks in the 1950’s.