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18 April, 2024

Te Kōhao Health opens Taakiri Tuu Wellness and Diagnostic Centre

We had the honour of attending and speaking at the opening of Te Kōhao Health’s Taakiri Tuu Wellness and Diagnostic Centre opening on 15 April. Following a six-year journey, the new centre based in Enderley, Hamilton has been designed to be proactive in prevention and hopes to disrupt the historic…

Dennis Turton, Trust Waikato Chief Executive and Michelle Nathan, Department of Internal Affairs Community Funding Advisor, holding their gifted waka huia (treasure box) taonga for their organisation's contribution to the centre.

Waikato River Trail developments

The feasibility studies, which Trust Waikato granted $3,500 towards, have resulted in two projects to extend the Waikato River Trails. The trail extension into…

Impact Stories
5 December, 2018
The Waikato River Trails are in the heart of South Waikato featuring two mounted bikers waving from a swing bridge over the river.

Trust Waikato new building open

The new Trust Waikato building at 4 Little London Lane is now open. It features offices on the top floor, purpose-built meeting rooms and…

29 June, 2018
Trust Waikato staff and trustees walking towards the new building.

Trust Waikato Measuring Impact Highlights

Trust Waikato hosted a community event, Measuring and Leveraging Impact on May 4 2018. At this event, two international key note speakers, Michael Weinstein…

29 May, 2018
Participants listening and watching speaker.

Perry Bridge Opening

The official opening of the Perry Bridge, part of the Great NZ Te Awa River Ride.

Impact Stories
8 November, 2017
Perry Bridge with red bow across the entry.

Kaivolution Report - Food Security in Kirikiriroa Hamilton

In the report “Breaking Leftover Bread Kaivolution and Food Insecurity in Kirikiriroa Hamilton 2017” Robert Moore and Alex Bailey interviewed people working in 13…

Impact Stories
27 October, 2017
Volunteer sitting alongside bags of food being rescued.

New Pasifika Community Hub

After eighteen years of concerted work and effort, we are proud to announce that development of new Pan Pasifika Community Hub can begin in…

Impact Stories
18 September, 2017
A group of K'aute Pasifika and Trust Waikato staff and trustees smiling

Trust Waikato grant sets stage for Waikato Regional Theatre

Trust Waikato, one of the region’s largest philanthropic trusts, has just approved a grant towards the development of the new Waikato Regional Theatre. “The…

Impact Stories
6 September, 2017
Rendered concept drawing of the theatre from inside looking out during the day, filled with people wandering around and watching a performance, with the river in the background.

New book "Treasure of the Waikato"

Trust Waikato has launched a new book, Treasures of the Waikato, which showcases the Trust Waikato Art and Taonga Collection. The book is available…

1 July, 2017
Cover the book, "Treasures of the Waikato: The Trust Waikato Art and Taonga Collection" featuring part of the piece, Kaumatua: by Joan Fear.

Trust Waikato gifts art collection to Museum

Trust Waikato has donated its $1.92 million art collection to Hamilton City Council and expects to help purchase future artworks of value to the…

2 October, 2016
Former Trust Waikato Chairperson, Niwa Nuri standing alongside former Mayor Julie Hardaker standing in front of art pieces from the collection.