Anga Whakamuri, Anga Whakamua

Trust Waikato acknowledges that human-induced climate change poses a serious and immediate risk to our communities, and that urgent action is required to avoid catastrophic effects for our people and environment.

We believe we have a role to play in mitigating the most severe impacts of climate change, and that we need to work together to develop a resilient community response in order to ensure true kaitiakitanga of our resources for future generations. The effects of climate change will not be felt equally amongst our community and we need to mitigate the inequality of these impacts.

Trust Waikato is committed to becoming a climate leader, to enable a low-emissions future. This will be done by actioning our climate change framework:

  • Grant making – we aim to understand the impact that grants make to reduce climate change and to provide support to the community to understand and reduce their own climate emissions.
  • Operations – we will develop transparent and measurable, actions and reporting to reduce climate change emissions that result from the operational activity of Trust Waikato.
  • Investment portfolios – by evaluating the impacts of Trust Waikato’s investments we will reduce the climate change emissions of the Trust’s investment portfolios.

Find out more about Trust Waikato’s rich history

Our journey begins well before the creation of Trust Waikato in 1988, and even before the establishment of the community saving banks in the 1950’s.