Presenting Trust Waikato’s Inaugural Sustainability Report

September 10, 2023

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Trust Waikato Sustainability Report 2023 - For the period ended 31 March 2023

We are incredibly proud to present our inaugural Sustainability Report, covering the period ended 31 March 2023. This report outlines the significant actions completed to date across the work of the Trust, and will be produced annually moving forward to be published alongside our annual report.

We are also pleased to share that for the 2023 financial year we reduced our emissions by 30% against our 2019 baseline and offset the balance of our operational emissions to be certified Zero Carbon Business Operations with Ekos. These carbon credits were sourced from the Kaanuka Hill – Uruwhenua Native Regeneration Project.

As part of Trust Waikato’s commitments to sustainability and equity, we acknowledge our responsibility to take climate action and embrace diversity and inclusion. The purpose of this report is to articulate the actions Trust Waikato has undertaken around equity and sustainability including aspects of diversity and inclusion, and climate change through our operations, investments and grantmaking.

We recognise the collaborative efforts of many in the community who work hard to impact the sustainability of our rohe. We understand the need to innovate, try new things, and be agile enough to evolve based on our learning about what works.

By sharing our processes and learnings openly and transparently, we hold ourselves accountable and encourage collaboration in our Waikato community and the wider philanthropic and community sector.

Our goal is that the report supports others on their climate journey. We welcome any koorero on the report or any of its contents in the form of enquiries or feedback. Collaboration is key to ensure true kaitiakitanga of our resources for future generations.

Long-term community benefit is enhanced when there is a strong shared purpose, as we grow and work together to improve our land, and our people.

You can read and download the Trust Waikato Sustainability Report below.

Please send any correspondence on the report to

Trust Waikato Sustainability Report 2023 – digital